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Lehr Family Photos: Home

Lehr Family Photograph Album

The images in this work were taken from an album of photographs that originally resided in the Lehr/ Kennedy house on Ohio Northern University’s campus. The album was probably the property of Henry S. Lehr, founder of Ohio Northern University.

Although the photographs themselves were in fairly good condition, the album was in a deplorable state. Rather than trying to restore or rebind the album it was decided to use digitized reprints of the photos for public dissemination in this new work and to preserve the originals.

Additional information on the Lehr family can be found in two works by Stephen J. Kennedy. The first of these is The Lehr family : the descendents of Philipp Löhr who came to America September 14, 1749. A second work, The Ancestors of Albina Johnson (Hoover) Lehr : Hoover, Houser, Johnson, Wood, Sharples continues the family’s history. Copies of both may be borrowed from the Heterick Memorial Library at Ohio Northern University.

Two further works may also be of interest. H.S. Lehr and His School, written by his daughter Sarah, covers Lehr’s involvement with Ohio Northern University through 1900. Henry S. Lehr’s own serialized memoirs can be found in theHistory of the ONU. Both of these books are available in print from the Heterick Memorial Library.

A final publication, Simeon D. Fess: Educator and Politician, deals with one of Lehr’s faculty members. Fess thought highly of Lehr and pictures of Lowell and Lehr Fess appear in this album.

Paul Logsdon

November, 2001

Captions have been added in the electronic version.

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