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A quick guide on the institutional repository at Ohio Northern University

Getting Started

To begin uploading your works, or your student’s works to DigitalCommons@ONU, you’ll first need to contact your department liaison librarian, a law librarian, or the repository administrator about setting up the appropriate repository structure for your works to appear in.

The repository hierarchy is structured in three ways:

  • Collections: this is where the works you’ve submitted will be located. Collections are the most specific structure, as they will only contain the specific works you've uploaded.
  • Community: this is the overarching structure where collections are located. Communities are meant to cover multiple collections, and are created with that in mind.
  • Sub-community: this is an optional structure that appears beneath Communities in cases where certain collections are large enough to warrant their own space, but not large enough for their own Community.


The purpose of these structures are meant to house multiple materials. For example, the Academic Department community houses all of the university's academic departments as sub-communities. Then within each sub-community, users can find various collections pertaining to that department, such as Faculty Scholarship.

For more information on whether your collection will need its own community or sub-community, contact your liaison librarian or the repository administrator. Once the necessary repository structure is in place, you can then begin submitting your works to DigitalCommons@ONU!

Uploading Works as a Member of Faculty/Staff

When submitting works to DigitalCommons@ONU, remember these general rules:

  1. The author(s) must own copyright to all materials submitted or be granted permission from the copyright holder to deposit their materials in the institutional repository.
  2. Author(s) retain copyright ownership and Ohio Northern University makes no claims of ownership for institutional repository contributions.
  3. All submissions will require a signed non-exclusive license attached as a supplemental material.
  4. Current/emeritus faculty and staff members of Ohio Northern University may submit their original works. If revisions are to be made, they must be done before the final draft is submitted. Pre-prints are considered completed works.Works contributed should either be creative, scholarly in nature, research-oriented or of institutional significance.